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Final Shep entry unless I make a Beta Sheps post, buuuuut anyway...

So I have Fiona Shep, who's the goodie 'I do what I do because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO' character, nearly 100% paragon (she couldn't help but blow that talkative krogan up, I mean, come ON). Then there's Milo who was a very neutral 'well someone has to do it, there's probably someone better but they want me, let's rock' Shep. He was literally at 50% paragon 50% renegade by the end.

Solona is very much the 'I'm going to kick your teeth in until you start doing shit RIGHT' renegade with a slight streak of good. Originally, I played her as a full paragon in ME1, similar to Fiona, but after ME2 rolled around and Ashley, the Alliance and the Council all kind of dropped the ball with her...

She came out of it with an anger issue.

Solona is my Spacer/Sole Survivor. Born in New Orleans and raised almost exclusively in space, she's more at home on a ship than anywhere else. Aliens and new planets are pretty unsurprising to her at this point, but she can go back to Earth and be shocked at how different the civilians are from the Alliance infrastructure. She went into the military and proved to be damn good at it.

And then, of course, Akuze happened. Being the only survivor left her a little jaded. Rather than get attached to her teammates and comrades, she strove to distance herself and focused on getting the job done instead. She has a reputation as a hard-ass and it's well-deserved.

Where Fiona and Milo are my happy-go-lucky optimistic kids, Solona is very much the cynical one. But she's a hardheaded cynic; yeah, it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better and she expects the worst out of people, but she's willing to fight tooth and nail to make sure that they DO get better and that said people WILL act better one way or another.

If there's anyone on the ship who's philosophy she probably agrees with most, it's actually Mordin. "Lots of way to protect the innocent. Heal them, sometimes kill dangerous people. Both help."

Her opinion on Cerberus, too, is a really complicated one. She actually believes they ARE doing the right thing, at the start, when no one else will bother. So she happily joins ship and realizes with a bit of distaste that she actually agrees with a good portion of them. Humans are new and fresh; they are either at the precipice of being a huge power or a potential victim. In her mind, it's her role to make sure that humanity is taken care of, and maybe that means some nasty work along the way. But it's still hard to forget what they did on Akuze, with Project Overlord, and others. It's their methods that eventually drives her away to work on her own in the end.

And along the way, she picked up Garrus.

I kind of like how her relationship with Garrus seems to differ from other players; where most writers seem to have Shepard's good qualities working better on Garrus' bad ones (especially after Sidonis' betrayal), for Solona it's actually the other way around. He very much smoothes out her rough edges, and the two find a comfort in knowing the other knows exactly what they're going through.

In a weird way, their worser problems with anger, betrayal and cynicism helps to prop the other one up and make them do better.

Also, she's BANGIN' in a dress.


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